Peter R Fitton

Peter Fitton resides at Rye on The Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.   Never Been Hit is Peter's first book.

Peter became involved in the telling of Les Streete's wartime story as a consequence of a professional association that Les shared with Peter's wife.  Les presented her with some wartime artifacts which included his log book and many photographs.  Once Peter had viewed these, he met with Les and began the lengthy task of writing the book.  In time, Peter was given access to Les's diaries.

Much of his flying experience was spent in training.  Beginning at Narromine in north-central N.S.W., he was transferred overseas to Canada where he underwent advanced training at Dunnville and Bagotville.  Following that, he sailed to England where more training ensued at Eshott.  Whilst on operations in Holland, he was based close to the Scheldt Estuary, Schouven Island, Grimbergen and Woensdrecht.  Later, he flew from Schijndel before moving onto Rheine in Germany.

An advantage of residing close to Sorrento, the beautiful retirement village on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula, is that it is home to many people who had experienced WW2 service life.   One was the late Peter Henderson who had served a Tour of Duty in R.A.F. BoPeter_at_Cape_Schanck_140907_cmber Command and the other was the late Don Stranger who had been a training instructor at Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. Don had actually been in Dunnville at much the same time as Les passed through, though their paths never crossed. The advantage of knowing two people who could recall the life and times of this period was obvious. Their comments and recollections proved invaluable to Peter as he placed Les's experiences against the background of daily life during this extraordinary period.

Peter's latest book is Richmond Son, a memoir from his childhood in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.   It tells of a time during the middle 1950s, before black & white television and the Melbourne Olympic Games.   Our lives were unrecognisable when compared to those we lead today.

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